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  • Career Advice Tips For Success – By Marney Reid

    May 16, 2017 by  Marney Reid

    Hello SOTGC community, One of the common sources of inspiration that I find among women, especially in male dominated industries, is a resource group that fosters creativity, innovation, and A platform for networking for the high potential women in that...

  • The Rundown: Your Blueprint For Sports Talk Success – May Edition by Amy Buchan Siegfried

    May 3, 2017 by  Amy Buchan Siegfried

    Hello SOTGC Community, Is it already May? This year has flown by. While time flies by quickly, it doesn’t go quite as quick as the two big sports this month. Here's what you need to know to join the conversation...

  • 4 Steps to Refuel Your (Career) Fire This Year – By Salma El-Shurafa

    April 21, 2017 by  Salma El-Shurafa

    Hello SOTGC community, Women at work have a lot of work to do – we know that, and there are numbers to prove that. The latest studies show that across the globe, women continue to face obstacles at work in...